Social Networking

Why is Social Networking so Important to a Business?

Businesses today require new and effective ways to find customers wanting their products and services. Executives are aware of the success of Social Network sites, however, they lack the time and expertise to effectually capitalize on this new technology. ReachOut Communications (ROCC) has this expertise and does the HEAVY LIFTING FOR OUR CLIENTS.

  • Large, medium, and small companies are now utilizing Social Networking sites
  • A web site is a one-way communication tool not effective in generating new customers. Social Networking immediately begins establishing relationships between a company and it prospective clients
  • Personalities and business are successfully utilizing the effectiveness of these tools
  • PR Groups are aggressively utilizing these tools for their clients



ROCC creates and manage our clients’ accounts; connecting and loading pre-defined “friends” posting relevant content, status updates, posting videos, photos, links, adding and requesting Friends, in addition to joining and actively participating in groups.
FaceBook is a networking website that allows registered users to make connections, which are known as “Friends”.

  • Create and market products and services through viral connections
  • Generate awareness and excitment for our clients’ Practice (e.g., Doctors), Products, and/or Personality
  • Communicate strategically with our clients’ target market and peers
  • Pertinate information is gathered and reported to our clients on a regaular basis helping them to moitor their Return-on-Investment


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