Why ReachOut Communications?

ROCC is a Digital Marketing Company that produces results.  ReachOut Communications is a Professional Consulting Company that Brands, Markets, and Develops its clients products to produce the maximum desired results.  Whether you are Small Business, a Personality, or a non-profit organization, ROCC has a customized solution increase your desired results.  ROCC has over 30 years years experience in Product Development, Digital and Traditional Marketing.  With a variety of clients ranging from Local Guerrilla Marketing, TV personalities, Doctors, and Industry Professionals, ROCC has used Video Production, Social Media, Web Design, Technical Writing to build it’s clients’ brand while increasing their revenues.

Products / Services:
  • Social Media Marketing / Web Design
  • Brand Management /Business Development
  • Video Marketing and Production
  • Content Creation/ PR

In today’s economic climate, businesses are looking for the most effective ways to reach customers. At ReachOut Communications Corporation (ROCC), we are dedicated to our unique and exciting Micro Marketing Connections (MMC) strategy.

The internet is an obvious tool for inexpensive marketing—however, knowing how and where to use it effectively is what makes ROCC different and successful! We offer clients a premium one-stop-shopping experience for all their MMC needs:

  • Creation and management of your social networking sites
  • Quality video commercial production and editing effective market positioning
  • Custom web design and branding
  • Unique and precise approaches to connect with your target market
  • Gathering feedback from your professional universe


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